Welcome to my home page!

I am a researcher in (African) linguistics, as Senior Lecturer at the Leiden University Centre for Linguistics, and project leader of the Vidi project Bantu Syntax and Information Structure. I am also active as Secretary of the Algemene Vereniging voor Taalwetenschap (AVT) and editor of Stemmen van Afrika.

My research is inspired by the question ‘What determines our grammar and its variation across languages?’. Formulating our thoughts in sentences is for a large part restricted by the syntactic rules of the particular language we speak. Another force that shapes our sentences, however, is the packaging of information: What is the most important bit of information, and how do we convey that to our interlocutors? This interface between morphosyntax and pragmatics, and particularly the crosslinguistic variation in this area, keeps fascinating me. 

I am a self-motivated, sensitive, practical idealist and puzzle solver, recognising traits of the Myers-Briggs ESTJ and ISTJ types.